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Site ownership - what it means and how to transfer it

What does site ownership imply?

In Fotoware SaaS, the person who first signs up as administrator on the site also becomes the site owner. Only one user account can be assigned the Site owner role, and that user has access to manage users and groups, which indirectly means that the site owner can assign all privileges on the site.

For sites that are upgraded from an earlier version where the concept of site owner did not exist, a Site owner must be set. Contact Fotoware to set the Site owner. When that is done, the designated site owner can transfer ownership to another account directly from the user management console.

Transferring site ownership to a new user

Note: A user who transfers site ownership to another user cannot undo the action afterwards. That user will lose access to administrative features exclusive to the site owner, and only the new site owner can transfer ownership later. Care is advised when using this function.

  1. Log in as the current site owner and go to the Tools menu (cogwheel icon) > Manage Users/Groups.
  2. Locate the user to whom you want to transfer site ownership (by using the search function, for example) and select the Set as site owner link that appears when hovering over the user name.
  3. When prompted, confirm the transfer of site ownership. Continuing will revoke site ownership from your user and transfer it to the selected user.

Transfer site owner (red).png

Fotoware tenants without a site owner set

If you are a SaaS customer and your tenant does not have a Site owner account, or you have lost access to the Site owner account (for example, an employee left your organization without transferring site ownership) contact Fotoware.

Fotoware tenants deployed before the site owner concept was introduced need to have a Site owner assigned before user management is made available.