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Displaying asset details and metadata

Getting more details about an asset

By selecting an asset in the grid, you navigate to the Details page, which displays more information about the asset. To the left of the preview, you can see the asset title, a preview of the caption, keywords, credit information, GPS location data (if any), file size information, and any comments added to the asset.

Asset details page.png

Preview and zoom controls

The asset preview lets you study smaller details in a picture, and if zooming has been enabled, you can use the zoom controls or the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in on particular areas in the picture.

Tip: When using a touch screen you can pinch the preview to zoom.

Viewing and editing asset metadata

Above the preview, you can access pages that contain the asset's metadata. For multi-page documents, presentations, and PDFs, you can preview individual pages inside the document on the Pages tab.

The tabs above the preview will differ based on the type of asset you're previewing. For example, multi-page documents will have a Pages tab to let you quickly navigate to a certain page, while pictures from a digital camera will have a separate tab that holds the EXIF capture information.

If you have access to metadata on the assets in the archive, you can do so by simply clicking on the field you would like to edit.

To open all fields for editing, select Edit text above the preview. Note that some metadata fields may be located on separate tabs next to the Preview tab.

For more information about editing metadata, see Editing asset metadata.

Tip: In fields that contains several tags, such as the Keywords field, you can click on a tag to perform a search for files that contain that particular tag.

Previewing multi-page documents

When previewing an Office document (Word or PowerPoint), a PDF (or an InDesign document if you've configured Index Manager to work with an InDesign Server), you can get a full overview of all the pages in those documents.

For more information about document browsing, see Previewing pages in a document or presentation.

Asset permalink

Every asset in FotoWeb has a permalink. This can be found on the File Details tab on the Asset Details page. The permalink can be copied and sent to other FotoWeb users, and they will be required to log in if the asset is in an archive or album with an access list.

Download links

If you have download access in the archive, you will find a Download button above the preview. If the archive supports image processing on download, selecting Download may open a menu where you can choose the version you would like to download.

For more information about downloading files, see Downloading files.

Quick Renditions

These are predefined sizes of the pictures the site administrator sets that a user can request at the click of a button. The picture opens in an overlay on the browser window and can then be dragged to the computer desktop.

Asset comments

If you have been given access to comment on assets in the archive, there will be a comments plugin in the quick info area below the image title and details. This makes it possible to leave a comment about an asset that other users can see and respond to.

For more information about commenting on assets, see Adding comments to your assets.

Asset annotations

Select Action to add annotations to an asset, for example, to highlight an area of a picture and comment on it.

For more information about adding annotations to assets, see Working with annotations.

Scrolling through previews

On the Details page, you can use the previous/next links in the top right corner to navigate the archive. You can also use the right and left arrow keys to navigate.