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Sorting files in a folder structure by year, month and day

How to use automatic routing to sort files in a folder structure by year, month and day.

Scenario description

This is an example sorting workflow that can be used to sort files that are ingested into the archive by a user. That user may be adding the file to the archive using an action in FotoWeb or FotoStation that copies or moves it into Color Factory's input folder. Color Factory can then pick up the file and store it in a subfolder inside channel's output folder based on the system date, any file date or any date in the metadata.

Configuring folder routing and sorting

  1. Create a channel with the AutoRouting feature enabled. This example is based on the scenario outlined above, so the input folder of the channel is the folder where FotoWeb or FotoStation stores the file that is submitted for archiving.
  2. Configure the Auto Routing feature: Click on Add and choose Year, Month and Day as the sorting method. Also name the method in the field below. (See screenshot)

    Autorouting type.PNG
  3. Choose which date to sort by - this will form the basis for the folder structure naming. You can choose between System date (the date when the file was submitted to the archive), any file date or a metadata date.

    autorouting config.PNG
  4. You can also choose to use long or short names for the folders. Using short strings only, the output folders will be named ​yy-mm-dd, while long strings can produce a more elaborate folder name.
  5. Click OK to store the settings, and make sure you save the configuration in the Color Factory configuration to update the changes. Then you're ready to start adding files to the workflow.

What's next

You can add a number of sorting mechanisms to a workflow. For example, you can route files aside if they don't contain all the metadata you require. That way, you can have Color Factory automatically oversee the metadata requirements in your workflows and filter out files that don't meet the requirements and route them to someone for metadata entry before they're resubmitted.

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