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Splitting JPEG and RAW files in a workflow

We have many requests from customers wanting to split RAW files from JPEGs when they enter the system, for example over FTP. This topic explains how you can use the AutoRouting feature in Color factory to do just that. Thus the RAW files can be sorted out of the general workflow but still be kept for any period of time should there arise a need to retrieve the original RAW file.

How to configure it

Create a channel with an input folder that points to the location where JPEG and RAW files enter the system. The channel's output folder should be the location where you want to store the JPEGs.

Enable the AutoRouting feature in the channel and create a new routing rule. Choose the Input file type routing rule and configure it as shown below. In the below example the raw files are placed in a completely separate folder. If you would like to store them in a subfolder within the output, you can simply enter a name for that subfolder, and it will be automatically created relative to the channel's output.

autorouting by input image type.PNG

Next, you need to prevent raw files from being converted to the output format set for the channel.

This is done by enabling the channel's Input file formats feature and then choosing to Keep the original file in the case of RAW files entering the channel. All processing not involving pixel processing will be carried out, so RAW files will for example be routed according to what you configured in the AutoRouting feature.

Color factory RAW file handling.PNG


Having set these features up, save the configuration and test it out by sending a batch of jpeg and raw files through the channel.

Tip: If you have JPEGs going into your workflow that you don't want to recompress by saving them again, you can choose JPEG copy as your output format as described in another topic.

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