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Adding an incremental number to the filename

Learn how you can add incremental numbering to the files in the output.

Incremental numbering

In Color Factory Settings, expand the relevant channel and select File Name Options

Open the Incremental Number tab.

The following dialog appears.

CF incremental numbering of processed files.jpg

Color Factory can be configured to add an incremental number to the filename of all files processed in the channel. The filename length will still be limited to the maximum number of characters set on the File Name Options tab. If you preserve the entire file name, the maximum file name length is still governed by the setting on the File Name Options tab and will be cut from either left or right depending on your choice. By choosing Keep part of the original file name you can choose the number of characters to preserve, and, finally, you may choose not to preserve the file name at all, in which case the output file name will be a running number only.

Select Use the global number sequence to set a global count starting point.

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