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Controlling output file naming

This section describes the options that control the naming of the files in your channel's output folder.

Output file naming

In Color Factory Settings, expand the relevant channel and select File Name Options

Open the File Name Options tab.

The following dialog appears.

Color Factory file name options.png

In mixed computer environments (Windows/Mac/Unix), different file naming conventions govern the various systems. To cater for this, Color Factory provides preferences for fine-tuning automatic character mapping and other file naming preferences to ensure that files do not appear corrupted on certain systems.

Manually remapping invalid characters

Select Filename Character Mapping to manually enter the ASCII values of illegal characters and the corresponding string with which you want to replace them. In mixed Mac/Windows environments, however, it may be sufficient to select the option labeled Map all Macintosh characters not supported in Windows to underscore ('_').

You may set the maximum length of filenames (the default setting is 31 characters to comply with pre-OS X Macintosh environments) and optionally cut the filenames from the left, as necessary. You can also choose to overwrite any existing file in the output folder with the same name as the file being processed. If this option is not checked and a file with the same filename exists, Color Factory will add an incremental number to the filename. Note that of all file naming options, this is carried out last. Therefore, properties set on the Incremental Number tab are applied first, and any final addition of an incremental number is then applied.

Filename to metadata options

Under File name handling you may choose to swap the file name with the contents of a metadata field, for instance as a temporary measure where you may reverse the process in another channel. By choosing Copy file name from <metadata field> you may replace the current file name with the string in a selected metadata field. As a result, the original file name will not be preserved. Remember that Color Factory is not dependent on a file’s extension in order to recognize its file type. By choosing Copy File name to <metadata field> you can preserve the original input file name in a metadata field in case you need to reverse the operation later.

Choosing when file name options are run

Normally file name options are run before the metadata of the input file is processed. However, if file naming in the channel relies on preceding metadata operations, you can execute file naming operations after metadata operations have been applied, by choosing Run filename feature after metadata processing.


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