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Choosing how Color Factory handles Unique IDs

These are the general settings that control how Color Factory assigns Image ID and Owner ID to processed pictures.

By enabling the Image ID feature, Color Factory will write a unique ID in all pictures processed in the channel, specifically to the field called Unique Document ID in the FotoWare Reserved namespace. (Field ID 187)

General ID settings

Where: Channel | Image ID | Image and Owner ID tab


Clear existing Image ID and leave empty: Tick this option to remove any Image ID information in the input files and leave the Image ID field empty.

Overwrite existing Image ID: By selecting this option, you can make Color Factory overwrite any Image ID in the input file with a new Image ID.

Owner ID: Here you may enter the Owner ID.

Overwrite existing Owner ID: Choose this option to overwrite any Owner ID already stamped on the input file.

Copy Owner ID to all channels: If you would like to apply the Owner ID to images processed in all channels, click this button. Otherwise, different channels may use different Owner ID's.

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