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Cropping pictures by removing canvas

Feature is available as an option in Color Factory Professional and Enteprise Editions

Where: Channel - Image Size - Automatic Crop

This feature is useful for removing excessive canvas and normalizing the size of pictures e.g. for catalog production.

Color Factory Automatic Canvas Crop.png

Enabling Crop image with automatic canvas removal makes Color Factory remove all canvas around the object in the picture. You need to specify the canvas color (White/Black/Transparent) to allow Color Factory to correctly identify it. If, during processing you find that Color Factory fails to identify the canvas, the Color tolerance level may need adjusting.

Expanding the canvas width or height after cropping

Once the initial canvas has been removed, it's possible to expand the canvas width and/or height by a percentage or a given number of pixels. The canvas color is the same as set in the Canvas color drop down list above.

Expanding the canvas to match a layout aspect ratio

Finally, it's possible to expand the canvas to fit a certain aspect ratio to fit layout requirements. Use the Relative Width and Relative Height fields to specify e.g a 5:1 aspect ratio. The canvas will be expanded accordingly, and will be made white, black or transparent depending on your choice of Canvas color in the drop down list above.