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Automatic cropping using image analysis

This feature is available as an option in Color Factory Professional and Enterprise Editions

With this feature, Color Factory can crop images using image analysis with artificial intelligence. To use it you must have obtained a license to use the Imagga service that Fotoware uses and the API information needs to be added to the corresponding fields in the configuration, as in the example below.

  1. In the Color Factory Settings app, expand the relevant channel and select Image Size
  2. Open the Automatic Crop tab. The following dialog opens.

Automatic crop using Imagga image analysis.png

The target aspect ratio is optional and can be used to set the exact ratio required for the output image files. Note that the values are NOT pixels - they simply denote a ratio, such as 4:3, 16:9, and so on. In the example above, a height of 300 and width of 200 will be the same as entering 3 and 2, respectively.

You can also choose whether Color Factory should perform a hard crop or just apply a soft crop frame that can be modified manually (for example, in FotoStation) before the actual crop is performed at a later stage.