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Reading or writing metadata with a database connection (ODBC)

How to configure Color Factory to read from an ODBC connection to update metadata, or read from metadata dn update an ODBC connection.

ODBC setup

Where: Channel | Metadata | ODBC tab


This functionality makes it possible extract text from a database and store it in the files processed in the channel or to store metadata from the files in the connected database.

This is done by setting up a data source and mapping database fields to XMP metadata fields.

First, select Activate ODBC connection, then enter a Data Source Name (DSN) or choose one by clicking on the Browse button. Note that a System DSN must be configured on the server for this to function correctly; a User DSN will not work. Optionally type in a user name and password required to access the DSN.


Then, choose how Color Factory should interact with the database. You have three options:


Read from database, write to file will search the database for a matching record and extract content from it and store the information in the file processed in the channel.

Read from file, update to database will update the matching record in the database with the content in the files processed in the channel.

Read from file, update and insert to database will update existing records in the database with metadata from the files, and insert new records in the database if new files are processed that don't have an existing record in the database.


Now configure the mapping of column contents to metadata fields. To do this, click on the Configure button and choose a table from the DSN under the Select table dropdown list.


Next, choose the metadata field to which the content should be mapped and the action that should be performed in this field. You can choose to replace any existing content in the chosen metadata field, or to append the new data before or after any already existing text.

Now choose which metadata field you want to use as the primary key field. Color Factory will try to match the content of that metadata field an existing record in the database. When a match has been found, the action specified for each field will be performed (replace or insert before/after).

If you choose File name in the Primary key list you can make Color Factory search for a part of the name, the full name or the full name with extension. By choosing Use part of name you can specify the number of characters Color Factory should compare in the file name and the database column content.

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