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Legacy: Creating a 32-bit system DSN on a 64-bit server

Legacy alert: Starting with Color Factory 8.0 build 800, the software is 64-bit and requires 
64-bit DSNs for ODBC connectivity. If you're using a 64-bit version of Color Factory, 
the information in this article is obsolete.

This article explains how you can create a 32-bit System DSN on a 64-bit server for use with Fotoware Color Factory or FotoStation.

Article applies to

Color Factory 7.0 and FotoStation 7.0 running on 64-bit Windows


The Data Sources (ODBC) control panel on 64-bit servers will only let you set up 64-bit system DSN's.

Since Fotoware 7.0 applications are 32-bit they cannot connect to these DSN's.

To set up a 32-bit System DSN you will need to use the 32-bit version of the ODBC Administrator tool. 

Step by step procedure

Note: In Windows 2012 there are separate control panels for managing 32 and 64 bit DSNs. Thus, you can simply open the 32-bit one directly from the Windows control panel.

Start the command prompt on the server and go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64, then start odbcad32.exe. This will open the 32-bit version of the ODBC control panel which lets you create 32-bit DSN's that can be used by Fotoware applications. 

External links 

More information can be found in this Microsoft support article: