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Adjusting the date and time of processed files

Use this feature to change the date and time stamp on processed images.

Changing date and time

In Color Factory Settings, expand the relevant channel and select Metadata

Open the General tab.

The following dialog appears.

adjust date and time main button.png

Select Adjust Date and Time to configure date and time stamps.

Now, select which date fields to update from the list.

In the Shift with field, you can choose how much to shift the date and/or time.

Shift date and time.jpg


To shift the time forward by 30 minutes, enter 00:30:00 (= 0 hours, 30 minutes, 0 seconds)

A reverse offset is possible by adding a minus before it: -00:30:00

To shift dates, use the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss syntax.