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Automatically tagging pictures with keywords using Imagga

Where: Channel | Metadata | General tab

Feature is available as an option in Color Factory Professional and Enterprise Editions

How to configure automatic tagging

Click on the Automatic Tagging button and then enable the automatic image tagging feature.

Imagga main button.png


The cloud service that powers the image recognition requires a license. Start by filling in the API key and API secret fields based on the license information you have received.

Automatic tagging with Imagga b774.png

How the image recognition works

Color Factory can automatically tag pictures processed in a channel based on image recognition. The actual recognition is done by a cloud service, and Color Factory writes the metadata tags back to the files.

The feature uses a confidence rating to decide the level of certainty with which it can determine what the picture represents. By default, the confidence level is automatic, which works like this:

  • If the image recognition returns three or less tags, all tags are added.
  • If fewer than 10 tags are returned, tags with a confidence level of 40% or more are added to the picture.
  • If more than 10 tags are returned, tags with a confidence level of 60% are added to the picture.

If you choose to use a fixed minimum confidence level, drag the slider to set the level of confidence with which a keyword must be established for it to be added to the image.

Choice of metadata field

Use the Field dropdown to choose which metadata field Color Factory should populate with keywords retrieved using image recognition. You can choose the default Keywords field (#025), or any custom-made bag field in the 500-999 field number range.
Learn how to create custom fields.

Additional options

By enabling the Add confidence level to metadata option you can make Color Factory write the confidence level to the tags field (#025) along with each tag.

Language: Tags can be added in several languages. While the default language is English, you can choose from a number of different languages in the dropdown list.