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Automatic tagging using Azure Computer Vision image recognition


This feature is only available in Color Factory Enterprise

Azure Computer Vision is a cloud service by Microsoft that uses machine learning (AI) to identify objects, faces, and other artifacts in pictures.
Color Factory then stores this information in metadata so that users can search for the information and find relevant content.

What types of information can the Computer Vision service recognize?

  • Tags and Keywords
  • The accent and dominant color of images (Foreground/Background color, dominant colors, whether a picture is B&W)
  • Description - A description of an entire image in human-readable language, using complete sentences, for example, "A grey dog running on a beach")
  • Faces, gender, and age - Gender, Age, whether an image is a portrait, and so on
  • Celebrities - Celebrities' names are stored in the set metadata field
  • Landmarks - Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and so on
  • Objects - Detects objects in images and stores their coordinates within the picture
  • Brands - Detects known brands by their logo (currently only English language supported)
  • Adult content - Detects whether images are likely to contain adult or racy content.

For each of these vision types, there are additional settings that let you control the precise information you want to record in the metadata.

Subscribing to Azure Computer Vision

Before you can use this feature, you need to have a valid subscription to the Azure Computer Vision service.  If you need help navigating the Azure portal to locate it, see here.

How to configure automatic tagging 

Select Azure Computer Vision button to open the configuration screen for this feature.

Azure Computer Vision main screen with faces.png

The Azure Vision service that powers the image recognition requires a license. Start by filling in the Vision API key based on the license information you have received.

Next, choose a region; this is the data center that powers the image recognition service. Different regions may offer slightly different image recognition services.

Adding types of information to recognize

Select Add button to add a "vision type" to recognize. The example below shows the configuration of tags/keywords, where the service will try to extract keywords based on what it finds in the pictures processed in the channel.

Azure Computer Vision config.png

The tags identified by the service are stored in the XMP field you set below.

Confidence level

The automatic confidence level works like this:

  • If the image recognition returns three or fewer tags, all tags are added.
  • If fewer than 10 tags are returned, tags with a confidence level of 40% or more are added to the picture.
  • If more than 10 tags are returned, tags with a confidence level of 60% are added to the picture.

The confidence level can be set to automatic, or you can set a fixed minimum confidence level manually by dragging the slider to set the level of confidence with which a keyword must be established for it to be added to the image. There is also the option to add the confidence level to the metadata.