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Choosing when a channel runs

Learn how to configure the run time(s) of channel.

Run schedule settings

Where: Channel | Input & Output Options | Run Schedule tab

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By default, once a channel has been activated it will process files in the input folder the moment they arrive. However, if you wish to configure the channel to run at a specific time of day, to only run once and then deactivate etc. this may be done on this tab.

Run Always – When enabled, the channel is always active and will process any files in the input folder as soon as they arrive.

Run Once – Makes the channel process all files in the input folder, after which the channel will be disabled. When using this feature, you have the option of not deleting the source file, which may be useful if, for instance, you wish to duplicate an existing archive or convert all the files in your archive to another format whilst retaining the original files. You may also choose to overwrite the original file by enabling Output file is the same as input file.

Run with delay – Lets you choose a time interval in seconds at which Color Factory will scan the input folder and process any files present.

Run at specified minute every hour – This option will make Color Factory run the channel a certain number of minutes past every whole hour.

Run at specified hour every day – By choosing this option, Color Factory will run the channel at a specified whole hour every day. Note that this setting relies on a correctly set system clock to operate properly.

Run at specified hour and day every week – Allows you to specify a day and time every week when the files in the channel should be processed.

Run at specified hour and day every month – Lets you set up a monthly schedule for running the channel where you may choose a date and time. Please note that by setting the date of processing to the 31st, there will be no processing in months with 30 or 28/29 days.

Important info about the Run Always setting

Run Always is meant to work with NTFS file systems, where the operating system will notify Color Factory of changes in the file system. Thus, Color Factory does not use additional resources constantly polling the file system to look for changes. If Run Always is enabled for channels that use non-NTFS volumes for their input folders, Color Factory will fall back to another mechanism that polls the file system regularly to look for new files. It will also produce a warning message in the log that hot folders could not be set up for the channel.

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