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Storing the output files in an Index Manager archive

Color Factory can be configured to store the output directly to an Index Manager archive or a Pool. Files are transferred to the server using the FWP protocol.

In Color Factory Settings, expand the relevant channel and select Input & Output Options

Open the Remote Output tab.

To store the channel's output files directly to an Index Manager archive, enable Index Manager Output in the drop-down list and then Browse to choose the server and list the available archives on that server. Because Color Factory transfers files to Index Manager over the FWP protocol, it makes no difference if the Index Manager is located on the local network or elsewhere in a WAN, as long as FWP traffic is allowed through any firewalls that have been set up in the system.

After selecting the Index Manager server and archive, Browse in the Archive folder field to choose the folder inside the archive where the output files should be stored.

Note: When Index Manager Output is used, this option overrides the output folder that is set in the general channel settings.

Store output files on Index Manager server.png

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