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Automatically printing processed images

Automatic printing

Using the features on this tab you may utilize Color Factory to print all images in a channel on a local or network printer.

Where: Channel | AutoPrinting | Auto Print tab


When enabling Auto Print the following options are available:

Print template: Clicking the Browse button allows you to choose a print template. Please refer to the appendix for more information about how to create and modify print templates.

Use multi image print mode: When enabled, several processed images can be printed on a single page using the specified template. Since it may sometimes be desirable to get a printout quickly, you may set the maximum number of seconds Color Factory will wait for the next image before printing the ones that have already been prepared. Hence, some space may be unused on the printed page.

If you want to make sure that pictures from the same batch are printed on the same page, avoiding mixing of pictures from different sources on the printouts, the pictures can be stored in a common subfolder within the channel’s input folder. Color Factory will then treat the contents of that subfolder as belonging to the same source and print them on the same page(s). Keep in mind that you also need to enable the inclusion of subfolders in the channel’s input options for this to work as intended.

Printer setup: Opens the standard printer selection dialog and lets you set printing preferences.

Get number of copies from: Here you may choose the metadata field of the images from which the number of printed copies should be extracted. For instance, you may have opted to add this information to a custom metadata field.

Use this channel for printing only: When this function is enabled, the channel will only print the input images – no processed file will be stored in the output folder. Typically this type of functionality may be desired when two channels are configured to utilize the same input folder. One channel can process the images while the other simply controls image printing. After processing the input image is deleted.

Printing to a file only

If you wish to simply print to a file, you may enable that option by ticking the corresponding check-box. The file will be stored in the output folder. You may choose between three output formats; a normal image file in the format specified on the Channel Settings tab, a Postscript file, or an Adobe PDF file. When choosing Postscript or PDF output, the printer selected must be a printer with a postscript driver. The system then requires an installation of Ghostscript to generate the PDF output file.

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