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Purging old content using an FWP search

This topic explains how to set up a search in a Fotoware system whereby the search result will be purged immediately by Color Factory.

Creating a search-based purge channel

In Color Factory Settings, right-click on Purging Channels and select New Purge Channel - Search.

Enter a name for the channel.

Select the channel node to configure it.

Purge channel via search.jpg

Enable Index Manager Search and use Browse (...) to connect to the server and choose the index that should be searched.

Enter the search criteria. In the example above, we're assuming that files scheduled for deletion have been tagged with "remove" in field #200.

Select Channel is enabled to enable the channel and select  Ctrl-S to save the configuration.

Note: Files matching the search criteria will be immediately deleted. Take care when setting the search criteria and, if possible, perform a test run to make sure files are not deleted inadvertently.

Setting a purging run schedule

Where: Color Factory Settings | Purging Channels | Channel | Run schedule tab


Here you can set up a run schedule for the purging channel. Color Factory can then check for files matching the purging criteria at a predefined time. The poll can be run with a time interval, or at a specified time every hour, day week, or month.

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