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Setting channel-specific error folders

Where to set the folders where error and unknown files are stored on a per-channel basis.

Error and unknown files folders

Select the relevant channel and open the Error Handling tab.


On this tab you may set channel-specific error folders, overriding the global error folder settings. Separate folders can be defined for error files (such as corrupt files) and unknown formats. You can also route files smaller than a given size directly to the error folder by enabling this option.

Offline volume detection

Color Factory checks regularly that the channel's input and output folder are available. Often, the input and/or output folder are located on a network share, and if the share becomes unavailable (offline) the channel will stop momentarily until the folder becomes available again. You can easily monitor the share state of your channels in Operations Center Status, where a channel that stops goes red to indicate that the share is unavailable.

The folder offline detection feature sometimes reports that a folder is offline even though it is not. This may be related to shares on non-Windows servers. If you experience problems where channels stop because the share is seemingly offline although you can verify that it is, in fact, available, try switching off the offline detection for the channel by selecting Disable Offline detection.