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Configuring file transfers to or from the local server

By configuring the local server connection you can transfer files to or from local drives on the server.

Setting the properties of the local file server

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By clicking on the Local Server entry in the Server list you can set some general server details:

Name: The name cannot be changed for the local server. It is based on the computer name given to the server on the network.

Description: The description field lets you type in additional information about the server, for instance its location or information pertaining to the folders it serves.

Server type/Protocol: You'll notice that you cannot change the protocol for the local server, since it is based on direct disk access.

Authentication: Normally the Background Service account specified on the Global tab i Connect is used for access to local folders. However, if you need to override this setting, you can select Override Account and type in the username and password of another user. If you would like to specify a domain user with access to local folders, type it in as domain\username and specify the corresponding password for that user. Finally, click on the Test Connection button to make sure the account information is valid.

What's next?

Next, you'll want to define the source and destination folders on the local file server. Once that's done you can configure routing and create a channel that combines source and destination folders.