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Configuring email accounts for file transfers

How to define an email account that Connect can pick up email attachments from or send emails with attachments to.

Configuring mail source options

Having set up the mail server settings, you can click on the mail server and the click on the green Plus icon to define a new account for fetching or sending emails.

Mail account setup.jpg

Name: Name the account here. This is used to identify the account when you later add it to a channel.

Description: More information about the account can be added here.

Type: Choose whether the account should be used to send or retrieve emails. The default selection here will depend on whether you enabled email pickup or delivery on the mail server settings page.

IMAP folder to scan: Assuming you are configuring mail pickup from an IMAP server, you must specify the name of the IMAP folder where the mails reside - Inbox for example. Ask you mail server administrator if you are unsure about this. Connect will only scan this folder when picking up files from the IMAP server.

Sender details: Type in the sender's name and email address here. This will be added to the message header for outgoing emails. This option is only available when you are creating a destination.

Account details: Enter the required account information here. This information is required to connect to the email account and download messages. Typically you don't need to specify any account credentials for using a corporate outgoing email server, but if you have specified that the outgoing mail server requires authentication, this is where the credentials should be filled in.

Ignore Filter: This option is available when configuring mail pickup from a POP or IMAP connection (i.e. you have set the account type as Source, not Destination). It allows you to define a filter that ignores email attachments of a certain kind. For example, if you would like to ignore all text file attachments with the extension .txt and not download them, type in *.txt in the Ignore Filter field.

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