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Configuring transfers to or from an email server

Connect can use email servers both as source and destination. With an email source, Connect strips the email attachments from the message and processes the attachments through a channel. With email servers used as a destination, Connect sends each file processed in a channel to an SMTP server as an attachment to a number of email addresses. You can also define a custom email subject and message body.

Creating a mail server connection

  1. In Connect Settings, go to Servers > Default.  
  2. Select Add server.

Email server settings.png

  1. Enter the following information, as necessary.

Name: Enter a short descriptive name for the mail server.

Description: Enter a more detailed description, if necessary (255 character limit).

Protocol: Select Mail Server from the drop-down list.

Host Name: Enter the host name or IP address of the mail server here.

Max Connections: Specify the maximum number of connections Connect may open to the mail server simultaneously.

  1. Select Enable mail pickup for Connect to use the mail server as a source for a channel (i.e. to retrieve emails and attachments from the server). You must also select which protocol to use (POP or IMAP) and, optionally, choose whether the email server is configured to communicate on a secure connection. The port number will change according to your choice, or you can set the port number manually if your server uses a non-standard port.

  2. Select Enable mail sending if this email server will be used for mail delivery of files (i.e. as a destination). Choose the port number and, optionally, if the server uses a secure connection. If the outgoing mail server requires authentication, you should also select that checkbox and set the account information when you proceed to create the distribution lists in the next step.
  3. Select Save.