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Creating an action

To create an action start off by going to the Workflows tab in the FotoWeb site configuration and choose Actions in the side panel. Click on Add action to bring up the window where you can set all action properties.

Start by naming your action. Try to use a name that will make sense to a user, and optionally add a description of precisely what the action does.

General Action settings

Three types of actions 

Three types of actions are available, Standard, Extended and Extended Pro.

  • Standard actions are available to all user types, and offer the least functionality
  • Extended actions offer more functionality and are available FotoWare Main Users and FotoWare Pro users
  • Extended Pro actions are exclusively available to FotoWare Pro Users, and the functionality is typically only available in the FotoWeb Pro user interface.

Learn about the functionality offered by each type of action.

What's next?

Next you need to configure what the action should do. Please consult the top level of this guide to see what options are available.