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Adding a site to FotoWeb

Creating a new site

New sites are created using the FotoWeb Administration console, a Windows application that can be started from the FotoWare program group.

Adding a new site using the FotoWeb Admin Console

To add a new site right-click the server node in the FotoWeb Administration Console, then navigate to All Tasks | Add New site. The Add site option will be unavailable if your license does not allow additional sites. This menu will launch the wizard that collects information about the new site. It is the same as you saw when configuring your first site after a clean installation of FotoWeb.

Making the site available to users

Before the new site can be accessed by your users, you need to create an entry in your DNS system for the new site name.

When you add a new site, the new site wizard creates a mapping in the server's hosts file stored in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. This can be used to test access to the site using a browser on the server console.

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