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Enabling upload of assets to the site

Settings that relate to the global upload area and let you control where files are stored.

About uploads

There are several ways to upload files to FotoWeb:

  • from FotoStation using an HTTP upload
  • through a web browser after a user has logged in to FotoWeb
  • from the FotoWeb Desktop Uploader for Windows or Mac OS
  • from FotoWeb for iOS and Android

In addition to the methods listed above, files can be delivered to the server over any SMB/FTP or other connection to the file storage that is monitored by the Index Manager server.

FotoWeb has two modes of upload:

The two types are described in detail below.

Upload area settings

From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon) go to Site Configuration Server Configuration > Upload area


Enable Upload Area: When this function is enabled users will be able to upload files to the common upload area. You set the destination folder in the field below and choose whether or not a unique subfolder should be created for each user. (In which case subfolders will be named according to the logged-on user's username.)

Tip: User information will always be added to uploaded assets using three specific metadata fields.

Note: When enabling the upload area, you must also make sure that the users who will be uploading files to it are members of a group that has upload rights set.

Metadata set: Enter a metadata set that controls which fields users can and/or must fill out before uploading files to this area. For more information, see Creating a metadata set.

Tip: The above settings offer little control in terms of where uploaded files are stored; you can either store all files in a single private folder per user or in a large common upload repository. However, it is possible to index the upload area and create a FotoWeb archive of it that dynamically displays only the assets that the viewer has uploaded.

Configuring user upload to specific archives

If you would like precise control of which archives users be able to upload to, you can enable upload on a per-archive basis. This allows users to upload files to specific archives based on their access rights, and you can enforce different metadata governance in different archives by using metadata sets with different field requirements.

When configuring an archive, you can add a user or a whole group to the access list and assign the Upload permission.

This way, you can control precisely who can upload files and where they're allowed to submit them.


Presetting a destination folder for upload/copy and move operations to the archive

When you enable users to upload assets to a specific archive you can choose between always placing the file in a preset subfolder in the archive or letting users choose a subfolder themselves. This is set in the  Export and Import tab in the archive's properties:

FotoWare SaaS archive ingestion settings.png

If Default is chosen, assets are placed in the first document folder in the archive. The user is not given any more choice through the user interface.

If User selection is chosen, users must choose both a destination archive and a subfolder inside that archive when uploading assets. They can also create new subfolders as required.