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Setting up a viewable personal upload area for each user

When you upload a file in FotoWeb (using FotoWeb Desktop, the selection panel, the CMS widget, an app, or FotoWeb itself), FotoWeb automatically stores the user name in metadata field 360. This can be used to create a browseable archive that only shows the browsing user the files that he uploaded.

1. Enable the upload area and give users rights to upload files there using group permissions.
2. Create an index in Index Manager in which the document folder points to the upload area folder (which can be found in Site Settings > Settings > Behavior > Upload)
3. Create a FotoWeb archive which points to this index.
4. In the access list of the new FotoWeb archive, add "Registered Users" (or a group of all users that have upload permissions) and set the following auto search string:

(IPTC360 CONTAINS (<%$ InsertVariable name="currentUser.userName" /%>))

Like this:

Configuring an autosearch for an archive

Now, every user can browse this archive and see only the assets that they themselves have uploaded.

Tip: Turn off folder browsing in the archive to prevent users being able to view other users' folders using the folder tree in the right side panel.

Further tips:

  • Do not set the global autosearch string for the archive, but use the access list instead. Otherwise, FotoWeb will do an unnecessary search for "Guest" whenever the archive is opened in a browser.
  • Do not give anyone upload permissions to this archive. They can already upload to it through the Upload Area.
  • If you do not want to use the site-wide Upload Area you can disable it, and instead give certain users or groups upload permission to this archive. You should then use a different folder, of course...
  • For editors or administrators, you can set an empty auto search string, so they can see all uploaded files of all users. Make sure that entry is listed above Registered users in the access list, as the access list is evaluated top-down.


The following metadata fields are automatically set by FotoWeb during upload

These fields are set by FotoWeb when users upload files. They form the basis for the search string defined above that filters out only the users' own assets.

Field number

Field label



Uploaded by

User name of uploader


Uploaded by (full name)

Full name of uploader


Upload time

Time and date of upload