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Adding a custom footer to a site


A custom footer can be added to the site to include information that you want to be visible at the bottom of each page on the site.

Although extensive contact information can be added to an overlay window on the site, you may want to add certain information in the page footer.

Adding a custom footer

The footer can be customized by accessing the FotoWeb site configuration and navigating to Settings - Behavior - Appearance.

Here, enable Custom footer content. This will remove the default FotoWare footer and allow you to create your own.

Custom footer on FotoWeb site

The footer consists of two columns, to which you can add information using Markdown, plain text formatting syntax that FotoWeb will convert to HTML.

If you're not familiar with markdown syntax, this topic should get you started quickly.

What a custom welcome message looks like on the FotoWeb site

Tip: You can also create a custom welcome message, as seen in the screenshot.