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Controlling which metadata is included in assets during download

When download of an asset is requested, either by a user or via the API, FotoWeb delivers the file along with its metadata. However, in some circumstances you may want to automatically strip certain information from the file before it's delivered to the client. This is accomplished by choosing the specific fields that should be included when users download files.

This is configured in the Operations Center, under Settings - Behavior - Metadata.

Choosing fields to include in downloaded assets

Include fields in downloads.png

The fields that are included in downloaded files are listed in the Include in downloads column. By removing the checkmark on certain fields here, any information in those fields will be stripped from the copy of the asset that is delivered to a client via a download operation.


  • When all fields are ticked as Include in downloads in the table shown above, downloading the original file through a processing profile will deliver the file complete with all its original metadata, including fields not listed in the metadata configuration.
  • If one or more fields in the Include in downloads column in the above table have been unticked, FotoWeb applies metadata filtering. This implies that only the ticked fields will be included in the downloaded file. Fields not listed in the Metadata Configuration will not be included.
  • When a user chooses a processing profile other than Original file, metadata filtering is also applied according to the fields selected in the Include in downloads column in the above table. Fields not listed in the Metadata Configuration will not be included.