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Tracking site activity with Google Analytics

Learn how to enable Google Analytics for your FotoWeb site to track user navigation patters. Also find links to resources to get started with Google Analytics.

Why use Google Analytics?

Although FotoWeb has event logging built in to allow logging of most system events to a database and allow you to run reports on site activity, the key benefit of using Google Analytics is to learn how users navigate your site by tracking page loads.

So while the FotoWare Event Log tracks work events, such as uploads, metadata updates, and processing of assets using Actions, Google Analytics can provide insights on how users navigate your site.

Enabling Google Analytics on your site

Before you can enable Google Analytics on the FotoWeb site you need a unique tracking code from Google Analytics. This can be obtained from your Google Analytics account.

Having obtained the tracking code, open the FotoWeb site configuration. Go to the Settings tab and select the Site Identification node. Then paste the tracking code into the Google Analytics Tracking Code field and click Save to store the changes. Note that because of FotoWeb caching mechanisms it can take a little while to propagate the changes.

If you also have a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account, you can paste the Tag Manager container ID into the below field as well.

Can't find the Tracking ID?

If you can't find the Tracking ID in the Google Analytics dashboard, see this Google support article for help obtaining it (external link).

If you have no experience with Google Analytics

If you're not familiar with the use of Google Analytics, you can learn more on the Google Analytics Training & Certification site (external link).