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Configuration scenarios for FotoWeb secure connections

Scenario 1 - Direct HTTPS connection to FotoWeb

This is the most common way of using FotoWeb. Clients connect directly to IIS/FotoWeb over a secure connection.

  • Configure FotoWeb to use HTTPS on port 443
  • Set IIS binding to HTTPS
  • Set up HTTP to HTTPS binding in IIS to always forward incoming HTTP connections to HTTPS. Learn how!

Scenario 2 - HTTPS to gateway, HTTP to IIS

In this scenario, HTTPS is sent to the gateway, gateway, after which HTTP is forwarded to IIS and FotoWeb

  • Configure FotoWeb for HTTPS using port 443
  • Set IIS binding to HTTP (or HTTPS, both are possible)
  • Configure gateway (reverse proxy, gateway, WAF, CDN, NGINX, cache, etc.) to accept HTTPS traffic and forward it as HTTP (or HTTPS) to IIS
  • Configure gateway to redirect HTTP to HTTPS, or to not accept HTTP at all.

Scenario 3 - Using HTTP throughout

In this scenario, unencrypted HTTP traffic is used throughout. Note that all traffic will be unencrypted and susceptible to attack.

  • Set FotoWeb to HTTP using port 80
  • Set IIS binding to HTTP
  • If you have a gateway  (reverse proxy, load balancer, WAF, CDN, NGINX, cache, whatever), it must also only accept HTTP, or you are in scenario 2.





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