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Redirecting all HTTP requests to HTTPS

When configuring FotoWeb to use HTTPS, you will want to configure the server to only allow secure connections. To this end, a permanent redirect has to be made for all http requests to HTTPS. This article explains how to do that.

  1. This step is only needed for FotoWeb 8.0 versions: Install the URL Redirect extension for IIS from Microsoft: 
  2. Open IIS Manager and select the website on which FotoWeb is hosted (NOT the «fotoweb» application)
  3. Open URL Rewrite settings
  4. Add a new rule and configure it as follows:


Set the URL pattern to (.*)

HTTPS redirect 1 - Match URL.PNG


Add a condition with input{HTTPS} and “Matches the Pattern” with pattern value off

HTTPS redirect 2 - Edit redirect condition.PNG

HTTPS redirect 3 - Redirect condition.PNG

Set action type to Redirect, and set the redirect URL to https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:1}

HTTPS redirect 4 - Action type.PNG

Make sure Append query string is enabled.

The redirect type should be Permanent (301). Make sure to clear the browser cache before testing redirects as these are cached.