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Troubleshooting port assignment on Apache web server

DEPRECATED: Support for the Apache web server has been discontinued. The information is this article is therefore obsolete.


When Apache is used to host the FotoWeb server, both ports 80 and 443 must be available to FotoWeb, whether HTTP or HTTPS has been chosen. Notifications will be seen in the Operations Center log if either of these ports is blocked by other applications.

Software that can lay claim to these ports include:

  • Skype (port 443). Can be disabled in Skype settings.
  • VMWare Workstation (port 443). Can be disabled in VMWare settings (“Shared VMs”).
  • Microsoft SQLServer Monitor (port 80 or 443? Disable if service is not needed)
  • Microsoft WWW Publishing Service (port 80?. Disable if service is not needed; typically seen on development machines only)
  • IIS (port 80 and/or 443. Stop or uninstall if not needed. Change bindings on the default home page to something other than port 80/443 if possible)

How to find out manually which processes are using port 80 or 443

  • Run “netstat –ba” to see process IDs of processes listening on various ports
  • Run “netsh http show service” to see services running under the system process (such as IIS) that listen on various ports
  • Open http://localhost:80 / https://localhost:443 in the browser to get a clue about the application that is responding. Maybe use Fiddler to get more clues from HTTP headers, or run “telnet localhost 80” (443).