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What is FotoWeb?

FotoWeb is a powerful Digital Asset Management system that runs on a Windows Server.

It's accessible through easy-to-use web front ends, and a variety of plugins and special interfaces. It meets today's demands of corporates, public organizations and media houses for higher productivity and instant availability of digital assets and media files.

FotoWeb covers the needs and requirements of all categories of users, whether small workgroups or demanding enterprise customers with thousands of users and millions of files. It is the ideal tool for media professionals or sales reps who need to share their visual assets in an intranet or extranet solution. The server allows to provide controlled access to thousands of users over the internet.

FotoWeb supports photos, graphics, document file formats, sound and video, and has been designed to support all major web browsers on the market.

Integrations with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite make searches for pictures and brand assets quick and easy inside the familiar Microsoft and Adobe user interfaces. CMS integration is available for several popular publishing solutions, and a rich REST API is also available to allow integrators to design powerful custom integrations.

Mobile applications for iOS and Android, and also the touch-sensitive main web interface enable users to control and access the central archives from remote locations.

FotoWeb's browser frontends are built on cutting-edge web technology, using HTML5 and Web 2.0. They offer high-end performance, mature functionality and responsive design - without the need for browser plugins.

FotoWeb Editions

The FotoWeb Server comes in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. To learn which is best suited for your use, please consult the FotoWeb server licensing documentation.

FotoWeb User Licenses

FotoWeb users come in two shapes: Main users and Pro users. Learn all about their differences.

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