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Viewing system and licensing information

How to get the details about your FotoWeb installation and the number of users it has been licensed for.

Configuring global FotoWeb server settings

You can configure the global FotoWare server settings in the FotoWeb Settings app. 

When the configuration wizard ran after the software was installed, you configured a number of settings related to the FotoWeb server. These settings can be verified or changed in the FotoWeb Settings app.

Select Sites to display the site name, host name, and more information. 

Expand Settings to access the following general configuration options: 

Database - Select whether to connect to a single MongoDB host or a MongoDB replica set. Enter the host address for the MongoDB host.

System logging - For more information, see System logging.

Advanced - Here you can define where to store audio and video proxy files, manage video transcoder performance,  set a purge schedule for cache cleanup, and enable or disable reports for the server.


To display a list of all sites running on the server, open the Operations Center Status app.

Note: FotoWeb data files are always stored in <System drive>\ProgramData\FotoWare\FotoWeb. The FotoWeb data folder is referred to as the FotoWeb base folder throughout the documentation.

System information

FotoWeb offers several tools to help you identify which version is currently installed on your server. One is through this property page. This page displays the following information about the system:

System version – The version and build of the system.

System level – License level of the system: Standard or Enterprise.

Licensed users – Number of users allowed for the license level.

Licensed sites – Number of sites allowed for the license level.

Days to expiry – Days to expiry for time-limited licenses.

Licensed to – Specification of whom the license is issued to.

License notice – Special license notes, if any.