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Consent management overview

Get an overview of the components that make up a consent workflow.


Managing consent for the use of pictures and other media is central to many organizations and is often time-consuming.

In FotoWeb you can get quickly see a complete overview of who has or has not given consent and you can easily keep track of consent form statuses and usage rights.

By creating consent templates directly in FotoWeb, linking assets to the form, and obtaining user consent electronically through our app or by email, you can create a complete consent management workflow that integrates with your existing workflows.

Customers can gather consent from users and store and archive these consent forms. Managing consent is simplified by linking collected forms with events and photos. 

For information on how to set up, configure, and enable consent management, see Enabling consent management

Creating a usage consent workflow

Creating a usage consent workflow in FotoWeb involves four steps:

  1. Creating the consent form templates
    These templates contain the consent description that is presented to a person when obtaining their consent for use. A consent form typically comprises a usage description, a number of categories of consent, and fields for information about the person intended to sign the consent form (either on their own behalf or as a guardian on behalf of another). For more information, see Creating a consent form template.
  2. Linking assets to the consent form
    You can link assets to a consent form so you can easily view and manage their consent status. For more information, see Asset linking and Linking assets to consent forms.
  3. Obtaining consent for use via a web browser or Fotoware Mobile.
    A photographer, for example, can open the personalized consent form in Fotoware Mobile and have people sign directly in the app, or a link can be sent to allow the person to sign the form in a standard web browser. For more information, see Requesting consent for use.
  4. Managing consent
    Pending and submitted consent forms are available on a separate consent management page in your FotoWeb, where extensive filtering makes it possible to quickly obtain and review the consent when necessary. For more information, see Managing pending and signed consent forms.
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