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Consent management general settings

Learn how to enable the Consent Management function in Site Configuration.

Enabling consent management in Site Configuration is one of several steps involved in setting up the overall Consent Management functionality

This topic explains how to activate the consent management option and how to enter some general settings.

  1. From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon), go to Site Configuration Consent Management > General.
  2. Turn on the Enable Consent Management toggle.



Select Enable Consent Management to enable consent forms and consent status for assets.

Select Refresh to clear the cached number of assets linked per consent form,

Links and QR codes 

Set the validity of the consent form links and QR codes here. If a link to sign has expired, you can send a reminder to sign, which renews the link's lease.

Company information 

Enter the company name, information about the company, and a contact email in the relevant fields.

The information you enter here (if not overridden) is used in the Company information section when creating a consent form template.

PDF layout options 

Here you can specify how the PDF file should appear when a PDF is created for the signed consent form.

Turn on the Show logo on top of first page toggle to display your company logo at the top of the first page.

Select either Show logo in dark banner or Show logo only without banner, as preferred.

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