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Linking assets to consent forms

This topic explains how an administrative user can link individual photos or batches of photos to a consent form. Once users respond to a request for consent, markers on the associated images will provide a visual indication of the consent status of each image.

Linking multiple assets with consent forms

In FotoWeb you can link assets to a consent form from a consent form (as described below) and from an archive. You can quickly view consent status for an asset and keep track of consents on a per asset level.

Note: There are some requirements to be met before you can link assets and consent forms. For more information, see Asset linking requirements.

  1. From the Tools menu (cogwheel icon) go to Manage Consent Forms. The Consent Forms page lists all consent forms.
  2. Open the consent form to which you would like to link assets.
  3. On the open consent form, select Link assets.
  4. Open the Archives, Albums, or Pins tab (hover over the tab to see its name) depending on where the assets you would like to link are located.


  1. Choose the assets to link to the consent form and select Select.
  2. The newly linked assets are displayed on the Assets tab for the consent form.
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