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Signing a consent form by email

Learn how to sign a consent form that has been sent to you by email.

Signing a consent form by email

You can sign a consent form by opening a link sent to you by email.

You can also sign a consent form by scanning a QR code directly on your mobile device. For more information about both options, see Requesting consent for use.

If you are signing a consent form as a guardian, there is one extra step where you enter details about the person on whose behalf you are signing.

  1. In the email, select Open consent form. On each step, enter the required details and select Next to continue.
  • Terms and conditions - Read and accept the terms and conditions. Alternatively, select Decline to close the consent form.
  • Categories of consent - Select the categories to which you consent. If any of these categories are mandatory you must accept them before you can continue.
  • Your details (non-guardian only) - Enter your personal details and upload a photo of yourself, or if you are signing as a guardian, upload a photo of the person on whose behalf you are signing. This photo is displayed as a thumbnail on the Consent Forms page and can be useful to quickly identify the consent form.
  • Personal details (guardian only) - Enter the name and last name of the person for whom you are signing, as well as a photo (optional).
  • Signee details (guardian only) - Enter your personal details.
  1. The final step is to sign the consent form. You can upload your signature as a file or sign directly on the page. Select Clear to delete your signature, if necessary. 
  2. Select Submit to confirm your consent.
    You can now download the consent form as a PDF file (if that option has been enabled by an administrative user). For more information, see Managing pending and signed consent forms.

Tip: You can monitor your step progression in the panel on the left.

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