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Playing back audio and video

FotoWeb will transcode and play back audio and video files in your archives.

To play back a video, click on the asset's thumbnail in the grid to go to the Details page. Click on the Play button in the preview to to start playback.

Playback controls

Note: Basic video playback features are available in all versions of FotoWeb. Additional advanced options as described on this page are only available with an additional Audio/Video license for FotoWeb. A separate topic explains the AV functionality for different licenses and user types.

Play / Pause buttons - Start or pause playback

Volume control - Controls the output volume. Use the system control panel to choose between different speakers on your computer.

Playback speed - Control the playback speed. Speeds can be adjusted from 0,25x to 16x

Reverse playback - Starts reverse playback from the current position in the clip. To control the speed of the reverse playback, set the speed first.

Rotate video - Rotates the video on screen. The original video file will not be affected - this is merely a practical feature.

Skip frames - Use these controls to skip 1 or 5 frames forward or backward in the clip.

Repeat - Repeats the clip from start when it's finished playing. It will keep playing until you manually stop it.

Snapshot - Store the current frame locally in png format.

Full screen - Toggle full screen mode. Playback controls will be shown below the video window. Press Escape to cancel full-screen mode.

Show/hide filters - Toggle color filters. These can be used to adjust hue/saturation, brightness and contrast, and color inversion to change the appearance of the clip. A frame from the resulting clip can then be stored locally using the Snapshot function.

Filter options

Using the filters a user can alter the hue and saturation, the brightness and contrast, and invert colors in the video clip. The original video file will not be affected - these are a temporary effects that can be used e.g. to export a color adjusted frame using the Snapshot function.

Use the Original/Modified toggle switch to see the clip before and after adjusting colors.

Key frame navigation

Below the playback controls are key frames that can be used to quickly jump to a particular section of the video clip. Time coding is displayed for convenience.

Bandwidth requirements

Video playback requires a certain amount of bandwidth to be smooth. We recommend having no less than a 6 Mbit connection to allow smooth playback of all types of video files.

Which formats are supported?

There's a separate article about the formats supported by the video and audio module.

What if a video or audio file fails to transcode correctly?

In this case, it may be possible to successfully restart transcoding of the asset in question.

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