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Creating and using export presets

Having set your preferences for the export you can store them as a preset for future use. This allows you to quickly add the same effects to pictures you export later. After applying a preset to a new picture you can still modify individual settings to tweak the appearance of a new export precisely the way you want.

Creating a preset

Having changed the size, crop, appearance and other options pertaining to the export, click on the Presets button in the lower left corner to create a new preset. Choose Create preset and give it a name that makes it easy to tell it apart from any other saved presets.

Tip: You can always delete presets that you have made yourself.

Sharing presets

When creating a preset, if you have been granted privileges to share export presets, you have the option to share it with all other users of the FotoWeb system. Simply tick the Share preset box to share it. If you would rather make a preset that only you can use, you can do that instead. Then click Save to store the preset.

Note: Users who can share presets, can also delete shared presets, even if they are made by others. Users' personal presets can only be deleted by themselves.

Using a preset

When you export a picture, you can choose from the saved presets using the Preset button in the lower left corner. This is a convenient way to quickly export a picture with preset appearance, enhancement and behavioral settings applied with a minimum of clicking. Simply pick a preset from the list to apply those settings to the file, and then click on Publish in the lower right corner to create links to the exported file for use in your CMS.

Obtaining the permalink to an export preset

When integrating Fotoware with a Content Management System, you may need to obtain the permalink to an export preset.

The way to do this is first use the Export feature to create a preset and then to inspect the preset element using your web browser tools.

Below is a screenshot that shows the id that contains the relative URL to an export preset. 

permalink to export preset.png