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Working with the FotoWare Extension for Illustrator

How it works

The Fotoware extension for Illustrator lets you check out files from a Fotoware archive and edit it in Illustrator, and then upload your changes to the server when you're done.

You can also create new content in Illustrator and upload that content to the Fotoware server using the plugin, i.e. there's no need to log in to Fotoware separately to upload newly created content.

Access requirements

To use the plugin, a user must

Logging in

To show the Fotoware panel in Illustrator, open the Window menu, choose Extensions... and then choose Fotoware.

Your default web browser will open and prompt you to log in and authorize the extension to access your Fotoware site.

Extension Overview

Once you're logged in, the extension lists the archives you can access and check out files from. In the screenshot you can see (1) the search field, (2) the navigation buttons to switch between archives, albums and your pinned favorites, and (3) the grid that displays archives, albums and pins, and then contents therein when you click on e.g. an archive.

Displaying search results in the Photoshop extension from FotoWare

The Search field (1) 

Use this to search for for specific content in all the available archives that the user has access to.

A separate topic explains how to perform searches in Fotoware.

Archives / Albums / Pins (2) 

These buttons reflect the archives, albums and pins that a user can access. For example, by pinning an asset in the web interface, it can quickly be retrieved on the Pins tab in the Illustrator extension. Similarly, albums that the user has created, and albums that others have shared with the user, can be accessed via the Albums tab and then placed in the layout. Archives can also be browsed individually.

Asset thumbnail grid (3) 

The grid shows the available archives, albums or pinned assets. When an archive or album is opened by clicking on it, it displays the contents of that collection. When navigating into an archive after a search has been entered, only the search results are shown. To go back from the thumbnail grid and and see the list of all archives, the user can click on the Up link.

Note the sort mechanism and the filters to the right: If an archive contains a very large collection of assets, or if a search produces too many results to skim through, the filters (taxonomies that have been configured for the archive) can be used to narrow down the search, and the sort method can be set to filename, modification time or Original Date (=Camera Date) in ascending or descending order.

Asset markers

Asset markers may be displayed on the thumbnails. The server administrator may have configured a number of markers to indicate e.g. the validity of assets or their current workflow state. By hovering with the cursor over the marker, a tooltip will be displayed that informs the user what the marker means.




Checking out a file for editing

  • Perform a search and navigate to the archive and asset that you'd like to check out.
  • Double-click the thumbnail to open the file in Illustrator. (Tip: if you'd like to have a closer look at it before checking it out, click on it once to open a preview in the extension panel. You can then double-click on the preview to check the file out.)
  • Edit the file in Illustrator in whatever way you'd like.
  • When you're done, click on Check in asset below the thumbnail grid to choose how to proceed.

    You have four options:
  • Save and upload changes - Saves the file and uploads it to the server, overwriting the existing file in Fotoware.
  • Save as new file - Create a new file in Fotoware and keep both the original and the new version. When choosing this option you get to choose a new filename before the file is uploaded.
  • Close file - Close the file, ignoring any changes made. The original file in Fotoware remains untouched.
  • Open another asset  - Cancel the check-in and go back to the grid. Use this if you changed your mind about checking in this asset.


Uploading content you've created in Illustrator

Having created artwork or graphics in Illustrator, you can use the Fotoware extension to upload your piece to Fotoware.

Tip: Make sure you add some metadata to the file using File Info in Illustrator. Doing so will make it easier to find and work with the asset in Fotoware after it has been uploaded.

  1. First, make sure you save the open file in Illustrator, locally or on a network share.
  2. Next, click on the Upload button in the bottom right corner of the Fotoware extension.
  3. You'll be asked where you wish to upload the file (see below). By clicking on the Change button you can choose from one of the archives you have upload rights to and optionally change the filename.

Upload a new file to FotoWare using Photoshop extension.png

  1. Finally, click on Upload to send the file to Fotoware.