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Quickly adding tags to a number of files


Get tips for quickly adding tags to a number of files in a selection in the FotoWeb Pro interface.

Adding tags quickly

When you add metadata to a large number of assets, you may have found that many of the keywords you use are the same. To help you avoid having to retype them again and again, there are a couple of "tricks" in the metadata panel in FotoWeb Pro that can make this job a little easier.


Supposing you have a large bunch of files, and you have started keywords to a few of them. By selecting one of the files you have tagged and all the ones you haven't, you will see that the Keywords field in the metadata panel (or any other tag-type field defined as a "bag") will show all the tags that have been applied, but some of them will be marked in light gray. This is an indication that some of the files in your selection don't have this tag in them.

So what you can do is simply click on the tags that relate to all the files in the selection to have them applied, and then click on OK to save. By changing your selection as you go along, you can then add previously used tags to new files simply by clicking on them.

And you can of course also add new tags to all selected files by typing them in and remove tags by clicking on the little X next to the tag you want to remove.

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