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Creating tabs to keep your selections

When selecting files for a workflow in the Pro interface, dragging them to a tab to isolate them gives you great flexibility.

Temporarily storing a selection on a separate tab

The Pro interface has been made with flexibility in mind, and lets you drag assets to the area above the grid to create isolated selections that you can reduce further.

Typically you start off by performing a search and filtering that search before making your selections. Then you may want to pin the best files found in your search.

When you're done with the initial selection you can click the pin in the pin bar and drag the entire collection of pinned items to a new tab above the grid. Now you can work with these files as if they were in a regular archive. You may want to skim through the files again, (changing views is also possible here) and having made a new, narrower selection you can drag those files to another, new tab. This process can be repeated as many times as you like and you can close the old tabs with the wider selection as you please.

Tip: When you've created a new tab of selected files it's possible to add more files to that tab from any archive. Just select some files and drag them onto the existing selection tab. You'll notice a little + icon to indicate that you're adding files to the current selection.

Finally, when you're done you can drag the final selection to an action in the right side panel.

You may also find it useful to use the Pick files feature if you're planning to send files to different workflow outputs.

How to remove files that have been added to a tab?

To remove one or more assets from a custom tab that has been created, select the asset(s) and press the Delete key on the keyboard. Doing this will not delete the actual asset from the archive - it will only remove it from the tab you created.

If an album has been dragged to create a tab, using the Delete key removes the asset from the album, but the asset that the album links to stays intact.

Tip: You can delete files using an action that has been configured for this purpose.

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