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Downloading assets from FotoWeb

If you have permission to download files from FotoWeb, you can simply select one or more files and select Download in the action bar.

FotoWeb Download button in Action bar.png

Note: Batch/bulk downloading (downloading thousands of assets) is not considered a regular user operation and is not supported.

Depending on how the archive has been configured, you might be able to choose a processing profile that can resize a picture or perform other types of server-side processing before the files are delivered. These are displayed in a pop-up menu so that you can choose which type of processing you want to apply to each individual file in your selection. Select Start to start processing and have the files delivered to your browser.

Choice of download profiles in FotoWeb main UI.png

When you download more than one file, the files are processed and delivered in a single zipped archive.

Tip: To quickly download your entire selection using the default processing profile, make your selection and double-click the Download button.

Downloading files from the Details page

You can also download files from the Details page by selecting the Download link above the asset preview. Depending on how the system has been configured, you may have the option to choose from several types of server-side processing before taking delivery of the file.

Notification by email when pre-download processing takes a long time

When downloading large collections of assets, processing before the download starts can take some time. In these cases, you can close the processing dialog and continue working in FotoWeb. You will receive an email with a download link when the files are ready for delivery.