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Reference to all features available on the action bar

When you select assets in the main FotoWeb interface, the action bar shows all the things you can do with the selected assets.

The options that are available will depend on how your system administrator has configured the archive. Below is a list of all the functionality that is available with links to the relevant topics that describe the individual features.

Available features

Add Metadata

Add metadata to the current selection of assets.

Add to album

Add the selected assets to an album. You can create private collections or share them with others. 

Use as poster

Use the selected image as the poster for your archives on the home page and the Archives page. This can help users identify the content of the archive. This option is only available when a single asset is selected.

Move to...

Move the selected assets to another archive or folder.

Copy to...

Copy the selected assets to another archive or folder.


Rename the selected assets. You can even rename a whole selection of assets and add incremental numbering to the filenames.

Set status

Set the current status of the selected assets. This can for example be used as a visual indicator of the asset's workflow state.

Set rating

Rate the selected assets. Rating helps you rank the value of your digital assets. It also affects how search hits are sorted in the Office plugin - higher ranked assets are shown first.

Set note

Add a note to an asset. An asset with a note applied gets a yellow, clickable marker in the top right corner so other users can identify the note.


Delete an asset or a whole selection. Use this function with care.


Export an asset for embedding in a CMS system. Only available when a single asset is selected.


If a video or audio file fails to transcode correctly, or if for some reason there is a need to initiate a new transcoding of the original asset, use the Re-Transcode button. This option is only available to Site Administrators.


The Actions button in the action bar lists all the workflows the system administrator has given you access to use.

The archive may also have been configured in such a way that some of the actions have been added as buttons on the action bar with a custom color, icon and label.

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