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Shopping Cart - Approving or rejecting orders


When a user places an order via the Shopping cart in FotoWeb, an administrative notification can be sent using a webhook.

Administrative users with access to approve orders can also see a list of orders in FotoWeb by opening the Tools menu (Wrench icon) and choosing Manage orders.

When orders are pending, there will be a blue indicator on the wrench as shown in the screenshot.

Here, orders can be filtered by their status; Open, Rejected and Approved.

Manage orders - overview.png

Approving or rejecting a pending order

To approve an order, go click on the Open filter to show open (pending) orders.

Click on the View order button to review it. More information about the order is now shown in the overlay.

You can change the selected image format to something other than what the user selected. For non-image files the original file will always be delivered and this option will be grayed out.

Additional fields may have been configured for the Shopping Cart. In the screenshot a separate Usage field has been created where the user needs to specify the intended use of the asset by choosing from alternatives in a drop-down list.

Order details and approval.png

To approve the order, click on the Approve button. If there are many items in the order you need to scroll all the way down to see it.

To reject an order, click on the Reject button. The user will be notified that the order has been rejected. You may leave a message for the user to explain why the order was rejected.

Order - Approve and Reject buttons.png

Setting an expiry date

An expiry date can be set for individual assets in the order and for the order as a whole. When the expiry date is reached, the asset(s) will no longer be available to download.

Leaving comments for the user

Comments can be left on individual assets as well as on the order as a whole. The user will receive these in an email when the order is approved, and will also be able to see it on the Order history page accessed through the tools menu in FotoWeb.

Can I remove items from an order before approving?

No. An order, by definition, is the complete collection of assets that the user has chosen. If you decide, for example, that one of the assets ordered by the user should not be delivered, you have the option to Reject the order and leave a comment to the requesting user explaining the reason why it was rejected. The user can then use the Re-order feature in the order history to order the available assets again, after which you need to approve the new order that is placed.

Why can I only reject the order? The Approve button is not available!

This can happen if a user has ordered an asset that has been moved, renamed or deleted since the order was placed. You will be notified of missing assets in the order's asset list. In this event you can only reject the order and leave a message to the user that one or more of the assets he ordered are no longer available. By using the Re-order feature in his Order history, the user can place a new order for the assets that are indeed available.