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Deactivating a Fotoware software product

This topic explains how to deactivate a Fotoware server product. Deactivation is necessary when you're planning to move the server software to another server.

For information on how to deactivate FotoStation, see Moving your copy of FotoStation to another computer.

Note: The Fotoware Application Activation Wizard has been superseded by the fwlicensetool for managing activations. For information on how to obtain this tool and use it to manage software activation from the command prompt, see Command line activation of Fotoware applications using fwlicensetool.

Deactivating a server application

  1. Go to the Windows start screen and start entering Deactivate Licenses.
  2. Select the Deactivate licenses shortcut when it appears. All the activated products are listed in a window. 
  3. Select the products you want to deactivate and select OK to proceed.

You can also open the Run dialog (Windows logo key + R) and enter fwlicensetool --deactivate <license key or fulfillment ID>. When the deactivation wizard opens, select the products to deactivate and select OK to proceed.

What if deactivation fails?

If deactivation fails, it might be because you have recently run a license fulfillment after renewing your agreement. If this is the case, you can simply remove the entry using fwlicensetool --remove <license key | fulfillment ID | "all">

To obtain the most recent, valid product key, log on to Fotoware Customer Portal. For more information, see How to register and obtain product keys.