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How to register and obtain product keys

Learn how to get your product keys when purchasing software from FotoWare.

How do I register with FotoWare to get my product keys and software?

When you buy software from FotoWare you will receive an invoice and an email with the license information. 

If the software was purchased with a one year Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you do not receive the actual product keys needed to activate the software. Instead you receive a confirmation of the maintenance agreement.

To get activation keys for the products covered by the SMA you need to do the following:

  • Create a user account on the FotoWare Customer Portal
  • Log in and tie the SMA to the account.
  • Fulfill the Software Maintenance Agreement - This is the process in which you activate the agreement and receive your product keys by email.
  • Download software from the Update Center.

After fulfilling the agreement you will also be able to retrieve product keys directly from the Licenses area on the FotoWare Customer Portal, should you not have access to your email.

Video explaining the process


Step by step instructions

Follow the instructions below to register a license or an SMA and download software.


Create an account on the FotoWare Customer Portal

Go to and fill in your contact information.

Registration details.png

A confirmation will be sent to your email address. If you do not receive the email within a couple of minutes, make sure you check your spam filter and add any addresses from to the spam filter's approved list.

Click the link in the email to activate your account. Upon activation you will be logged on the site and asked to fill in some additional information about yourself.

FotoWare account validated.png

After saving the information you will be taken to your account page, as seen below:
My account page - Manage Licenses.png

Register the SMA or License

Now click on the Manage Licenses area (see screenshot above) to register your license or Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA).

Registering your first SMA or license.png

To register an SMA

Enter the complete SMA number (xxxxx-xxxxx) and the SMA will be tied to your account.

Need help finding your SMA number?

Attached to the license email you received from FotoWare is a PDF file. On Page 2 in that PDF you find the Authorization number in the format xxxxx-xxxxx. Enter that entire number including the dashes and then click on Register.

Tip: Several users in your company can create individual accounts and tie the SMA number to their account. That may be useful to give more than one person access to manage licenses.

To register a single license without an SMA

Type in the License ID and password from the license card or email you received with the software. If you register a license, you can skip the "Fulfill the SMA" paragraph below and go straight to Software Download.

Fulfill the SMA

Now it's time to fulfill the SMA. The fulfillment process involves digitally signing the agreement, after which the product keys for the software covered by the agreement are sent to your email address.

Start by clicking on the Agreements (SMA) area highlighted in the screenshot below.

Proceed to fulfill SMA.png


Verify that the agreement lists the correct products and proceed by entering your name and clicking on the Sign and complete button. The product keys required to activate the software will now be sent to your email address. After a few minutes it will also be possible to find the new licenses by clicking on the Licenses link at the top of the page.

SMA fulfillment.png

If you do not receive an email with the licenses within 10 minutes, be sure to check the email spam filter before contacting FotoWare support.

Download software

Now it's time to download your software.

Tip: If you're already running FotoStation, you can use the Auto Update feature to automatically download and install the latest version.