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Inviting other users to manage an Agreement

As long as you have a personal account tied to the company agreement in the Customer Portal, you can manage the agreement and obtain product keys for your licensed products.

You can also invite other people in the organization to manage agreements and licenses. Invitees receive the same rights to manage and fulfill Agreements, look up product keys, and export these keys to a CSV file as needed. 

Inviting others to manage an Agreement

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.
  2. Go to Company in the top menu and select Contact persons. A list of all people currently associated with the company Agreement is displayed:

    License Center contact persons overview.png
  3. To add a new contact person, select Add new and enter the necessary information:

    License Center add a new contact person.png
  4. Select Save to save the information and send an email to the new contact person.
    The email contains information about how to create a personal account on the Customer Portal which in turn gives them the rights to manage the Agreement.

How can I remove a contact person?

To remove someone from the contact list, for example, someone that no longer works for your organization, contact Fotoware to update your records.

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