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Repairing a broken license

License repair

FotoWare applications use a software activation licensing scheme. This implies that an installed license of a FotoWare application, whether a client or server product, must be activated on the computer running the application. The activation wizard that is used to activate your software creates a "fingerprint" of the hardware in your computer and sends this information to the FotoWare server, which in turn returns a key based on the fingerprint it received.

Problems can arise if you add or remove hardware in your computer system, since this may change the hardware fingerprint of your computer and thus cause the activation wizard to believe your computer isn't actvated.

The solution is to repair your license. The procedure for doing so differs slightly in Windows and Mac OS X:


Click on the Start menu and choose Run.

Type fwappactwiz –repair <your product code>

For example like this:

fwappactwiz –repair 123456789

After processing, a dialog will confirm the operation, and you will be able to start.

Mac OS X:

If you're not used to typing commands in the Terminal, please use this procedure. If you feel confident using the Terminal application, please proceed to the paragraph labeled For experienced Terminal users below.


With minimal use of the Terminal:
Open the Utilities folder (Press Shift-Command-U) and start the Terminal application

Double-click the main hard drive icon in the Finder, then open the Applications folder.

Right-click (or Ctrl-click if you use a single button mouse) the FotoStation program icon and choose Show package contents from the context menu.

Now open the Contents folder, then the MacOS folder.

Drag the FotoWare-Activation-Assistant icon to the Terminal window and drop it there. The terminal will fill in the path to the activation wizard.

Click in the Terminal window to activate it and, at the end of the string type -repair <your product key>
For example like this:

/Applications/ –repair 123456789


For experienced Terminal users:

Open the Utilities folder (Press Shift-Command-U) and start the Terminal application

Type: cd /Applications/ and press Return.

Then type:  ./FotoWare-Activation-Assistant –repair <your product key> and press Return.

For example like this:

./FotoWare-Activation-Assistant –repair 123456789

If you still experience problems after trying to reactivate, contact FotoWare support and we will do our best to help you.

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